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B5 Member/VIP Member -- $800/Y; VIP $5,000-50,000/Y Homepage
Chinese Site

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A92 Popdown < 400*300 $4000/M, or $1100/W
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A12 Left Text Down < 10 $340/M
A13 News Topic < 25 $420, Top$1100/W
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A15 Jobs Topic < 25 $80/5 days
ABBS Forum Homepage
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ABBS Login page
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ABBS Search page
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Forum Board
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City Pages
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G5 Left Building 80*300 BJ,SH,GZ $800/M,Others$600/M
G6 Float Logo 60*60 BJ,SH,GZ $850/M,Others$600/M
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G10 Company & Competition topic < 20 Normail $150/Y
ABBS Channel
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by CPM Top/Bottom 1CPM $15/25

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